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Open Bits

  • Matt dies a lot
  • HQC - High Quality Content
  • Bag of Salt
  • Meatwad
  • Neil in the kitchen (it's a story, innit?)
  • Frank Miller died in 1992, shortly after writing Robocop vs. Terminator, when he sailed off into the Bermuda Triangle with John Byrne.
  • The Machine - lets you know whether something rules or sucks, from Smark of the Beast
  • The Bad Website
  • Chambers - the second Negan with two bats
  • We love you
  • Gimmicks they keep sending in the mail called Bills
  • Abbreves
  • Internet Telephone from the Apple Macintosh company
  • Bobby Bad Ideas (BBI), the CEO of Disney from 2020 to 2044 in This or That scenarios.
  • That ole Internet cafe down on Gimmick street
  • Utility Belt Hot Sauce
  • That's your name!
  • Not a sponsor – but could be!

Closed Bits

  • The destructive War Rocket Ajax Mail Rocket
  • That time the Lizard ate a boy
  • Win a Date with Gavin Jasper

Closed Bits that were Still Going in 2020

  • Vapor Blade