Matt D. Wilson

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Matt D. Wilson is a writer, podcaster, comedian and the husband of the even funnier Marlene Thompson. He is the co-host and editor of War Rocket Ajax. You can follow his work at and at the bad website. Died multiple times. Friend to Harrison the Cat.

He's not that Matt Wilson.

Matt, a dedicated smoker of the kind bud to the extent that he once had "High" in his Twitter name, has been given ten nicknames by an advanced artificial intelligence. The only nickname publicly disclosed on the show is "The Grass Man."

  1. Bud
  2. Mary Matt
  3. Ganja Wilson
  4. Matty Kush
  5. Chronic Matt
  6. Weedon
  7. Mattjuana
  8. Pot Matt
  9. The Grass Man
  10. Mr. Green