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This or That was the after-interview segment for 2020. Listeners submitted scenarios to Matt and Chris to see which of two (or sometimes more) options they would choose. This final set of scenarios were completed in [Episode 530: This or That's a Wrap].

Of the 74 questions answered on the show, Matt and Chris disagreed on only 14 questions with 13 disagreements and one abstention.


Question Asker Chris's Answer Matt's Answer Episode
"Would you rather be a member of the Yancy Street Gang OR the Newsboy Legion?" Seth Finkelstein Newsboy Legion Yancy Street Gang 482
"Which creative team would you choose for a Catwoman book: written by Darwyn Cooke with art by Jim Balent OR written by Frank Miller with art by Darwyn Cooke?" Joey Crack Darwyn Cooke/Jim Balent Darwyn Cooke/Jim Balent 484
"Which villain would make for a better dungeon Master, Arcade OR Doctor Doom?" Harry Jay Arcade Arcade 486
"When the MCU finally incorporates the X-Men into the franchise, what would you prefer they do with Magneto: should he still be a Holocaust survivor and deal with any confusing timeline issues, OR should his backstory be updated to a different example of human injustice and genocide at the potential expense of his Jewish ancestry?" Patrick Gierdner Original backstory Original backstory 488
"Amulet of Right OR Sword of Might?" King of Doma Sword Amulet 491
"Marvel Studios starts producing movies that are as buck-wild and weird as their best comics, but this bold new vision is rejected by mass audiences and the studio collapses after two years so they only make 5-6 great weird movies, OR DC starts making movies that are as good Marvel Studios movies so we finally get a good Superman movie, but also there are just things that bug you, like whatever the DC equivalent is of Marvel centering Spider-man movies around Tony Stark would be?" Lou Shoemaker Good DC movies Good DC movies 494
"Sitting through all of the MCU movies in one go, OR sit through a 3-hour pitch meeting for a movie about the Sentry that you are not allowed to chime in on?" Peter Velles MCU Movies MCU Movies 496
"One hundred years from now one of the things everybody knows about Superman is that he's married to Lois Lane, OR one hundred years from now one of the things that everybody knows about Spider-man is that he's married to Marry Jane Watson?" Jeffrey Wickstrom Superman/Lois Superman/Lois 496
"Be a sidekick for morning zoo crew OR be a field reporter for a Christian news channel?" CJ Crall Zoo Crew Zoo Crew 496
"You can either walk without a rhythm OR attract the worm?" Kevin J. Maroney Worm Rhythm 496
"Either have Eric Powell draw Hellboy OR Mike Mignola draw the Goon?" Michael Nicolai Goon Goon 496
"Get rid of guys with Punisher tattoos OR guys with Thor tattoos?" Brad Boyer Punisher Punisher 496
"Would you rather have more stories with Dick Grayson as Batman OR Dick Grayson as Agent 37 of Spyral?" Chris Kiser Agent 37 Batman 496
"Creature Commanders movie by Guillermo del Toro OR a Legion of Monsters movie by Guillermo del Toro?"" Brendan Casey Legion Legion 496
"Which would you keep: the JJ Abrams Star Trek Movie trilogy, OR the Star Wars sequel trilogy?" Alistair Star Wars Star Wars 496
"Live in Marvel's New York during War of the Realms, OR live in DC's Gotham City during No Man's Land?" Jason Ladew New York New York 496
"The world we currently live in, OR a world where Identity Crisis and its negative impact don't exist, but also All-Star Superman doesn't exist?" Josiah Lockley No Identity Crisis Current World 496
"Jack Kirby and Stan Lee switch dates of death, OR Jack Kirby and Stan Lee switch personalities and career paths, but not dates of death or creative roles?" Greg Black Switch Death Dates Switch Death Dates 496
"Who do you appoint as the ongoing writer of Legion of Super-Heroes with a guaranteed 5-year run: Al Ewing OR James Roberts" Patrick O'Duffy Ewing Pass 496
"Shazam and Captain Marvel get to share the codename, OR Carol Danvers gets a new codename and Shazam gets Captain Marvel back?" Charles Arthur Share Share 498
"Intern for Lt. Columbo OR Jim Rockford OR Jessica Fletcher?" Alistair Columbo Columbo 500
"Would you rather live in Rob Liefeld’s Extreme comics world OR Marvel 2099 New York?" CJ Crall The Rob The Rob 502
"You are chosen to write the script for the next Batman movie, to be filmed exactly as you have written it, but you must either ghost write the script with no credit or ongoing payments, OR you are credited but must post each line of dialogue on the bad website as you write it and interact with at least one person who replies." Andrew Robertson Twitter No Credit 504
"Star Trek: The Next Generation and its three movies (not Generations) are the only Star Trek ever, OR a world with everything Star Trek except them?" Tim Pasco ST:TNG ST:TNG 504
"Live on Krakoa and do the Crucible and be brought back in your beauttiful new mutant form with your new mutan name, OR live in Attilan and do the terrigen mists thing, which is painless, but then you have to live with the Inhumans?" Lou Shoemaker Island of Horny Sex Mutants Island of Horny Sex Mutants 504
"Be camp counselors at a kids bible camp with Benito Cereno, OR help manage the Twitter account of Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg?" Charles Arthur Twitter Matt 504
"Get full Kevin Feige creative control over the next phase of DC movies, 6-7 films over 3 years, OR get a 10-episode Netflix documentary series about whatever comics topic you want?" Harry J Netflix Netflix 504
"A five-year Brad Meltzer/David Finch run on Batman in 2005, OR a Marvel comics adaptation of Sailor Moon by Chris Claremont and Salvador Larroca in 1998?" Allistaire Pitt Sailor Moon Sailor Moon 504
"Bobby Bad Ideas (BBI), the new CEO of Disney is super into whichever changes you pick in the medium we pick that can never be reversed and is the CEO of Disney from 2020 to 2044 he spends his entire tenure boosting this concept that you pick: he thinks having multiple versions of a character is a needlessly confusing so marvel pulls a new 52 and continuity is abruptly hammered into the shape of the MCU with the X-men in their own parallel dimension, the only parallel dimension for the X-Men movie franchise, so the fantastic Four don’t exist, Spider-Man is a kid again, and the Wasp is Hope, Iron Man is dead, etc. like the Star Wars Comics, Marvel comics have to mesh with whatever the movies and TV shows say, and are explicitly subordinate to the movie and TV continuity. BBI did not see the Spider-Verse movie and does not care to. OR BBI fucking loves Hank Pym, and the most important relationship in the Marvel Universe is the rock-solid marriage/partnership and love between Hank and Jan, Ant-Man and the Wasp, founders and leaders of the Avengers. Hank and Jan’s entire history is retconned to have always been a functional and successful adult relationship, and they are at the center of every crossover and line-wide event for the foreseeable future, it is kind of like how John Byrne’s reboot of Superman post-Crisis burned everything and rebuilt, except it’s grotesque. " Jeff Wickstrom Hank Hank 504
"Interesting characters OR interesting plot?" Mike Donahue Characters Welcome Characters Welcome 504
"Fish OR fowl?" Noah Chevalier Fowl Fowl 504
"Which is the better retconn of the last year: The Uncanny Life of Moira X, OR This Extraordinary Being? " Angela Zinoa Watchmen Watchmen 504
"You are pulled into a fictional universe, and can choose to be: Flash Gordon, but only from the much-derided mid-2000s TV show, OR any version of Flash Thompson?" So So Tsundere Flash Thompson Flash Thompson 504
"The only comics that exist are superhero comics, OR there are no superhero comics?" Isabel M Superheroes Let a million genres bloom 504
"Participate in the a Great Outdoor Fight, OR spend those three days staying inside Pat and Nice Pete’s house?" Andrew Robertson Fight Fight 507
"BBI has a time machine and is determined to meddle with the history of Spider-Man. You can only stop him from changing one of these two fundamental aspects of Spider-Man: the Spider-Man title is forever and always in the scary 90s Spider-Man font OR the Spider-Man theme song is forever and always the 90s animated Joe Perry wailing guitar theme music?" Owen Stop the Font Stop the Font 509
"Patrick Stewart leaves ST:TNG at the start of season 4, but comes back once every couple seasons as a guest star, and Jonathan Frakes takes over the lead with Riker becoming captain in the storyline - as a result TNG becomes kind of like a soap opera with a rotating cast as new crew member join and leave the Enterprise and the show is still on the air today after 30 years like an American equivalent to Doctor Who, however it has none of the original cast, none of the original writers, and none of the television spin-offs or further feature films were ever made, OR Ronald D. Moore is appointed as the sole show-runner for Star Trek: Enterprise and is given total free rein as to the the direction he takes it in and he uses the ideas he would have used on the Battlestar Galactica reboot and the result is a series which enjoys huge critical acclaim and gets a full seven season run and is followed by more Star Trek movies and television series to the present day, but the downside is that this series is just as divisive among Star Trek fans as The Last Jedi was among Star Wars fans and Star Trek fandom in this alternate universe has been perpetually toxic for the last 10 years and overall is just as bad or worse than Star Wars fandom in the real world." Alistair Pitt Eternal TNG Eternal TNG 509
"Which would you rather have for a week: the enigma force/the uni-power, as wielded by Ray Coffin and Peter Benjamin Parker which turns its wielder into the hero who could be you: Captain Universe, OR the H-Dial, as wielded by Robby Reed and Miguel Montez which taps into the hero-verse to turn it’s ownerss into champions never seen before and perhaps never to be seen again when they dial H E R O?" Josh Sinuson H-Dial H-Dial 509
"Assuming the rules of D&D:5E: you are best friend and the favorite human of an ancient gold dragon, challenge rating 124, page 113 of the Monster Manual, but an adult green dragon, challenge rating 15, page 49 of the Monster manual knows about the relationship and hates that gold dragon - you are a constant pawn in schemes OR you can be any class from the Player’s Handbook at level 20 with one ability of yours at 18, others stay at your real life limit, but a Balor demon, challenge rating 19, page 55 of the monster manual, is after you for the rest of your life?" Nathan Winkleman Balor Demon Dragon Friend 509
"BBI just up and buys DC Comics, and he puts Geoff Johns in charge of integrating DC and Marvel into a single continuity, setting and timeline, and he’s very insistent that Spider-Man and Batman need to be able to team up without there being any cosmic treadmill nonsense, he just drives from New York to Gotham, and it goes without saying that Geoff Johns does not want to get fired, and will oblige with the spirit of Bobby’s command, rather than the letter OR BBI decides that the following character is a dumb, stupid baby, and that they should not appear or ever be mentioned again: Captain America." Jeff Wickstrom Johns Rogers 509
"Would you rather have Spider-Man co-created by Jack Kirby, OR Hulk created by Steve Ditko?" Alexandria Seal Hulk Hulk 509
"A roundtable with Kyle Starks, Matt Fraction, Chip Zdarsky and Ryan North, but they won’t talk comics or answer questions and mostly are just hilarious, OR Grant Morrison and Alan Moore are on the show but they won’t talk comics or answer questions and mostly just argue with each other?" Nick Netzel Pals Pals 509
"BBI is going to put a crotchety jackass in charge of a franchise they used to do good work in, so either we put Don Rosa in charge of the Duck Tales cartoon, OR John Byrne has creative control over the X-Men in the MCU." Alexandria Dont Don 509
"You’re given the assignment to write a licensed comic for a major fast food chain OR you’re given the assignment to write a license comic for a power tool?" Noah Chevalier Food Food 509
"Swap homes with your fellow host for a week, OR swap pets for a week?" Charles Arthur Homes Homes 509
"Write a 6-issue series about a character that could become a lucrative on-going if it sells: Hemo-Goblin OR Ri¢hie Ri¢h?" Charles Arthur Ri¢hie Pit¢h Ri¢hie Pit¢h 509
"The two hosts, and two people of their choice go on a space flight that becomes bombarded with cosmic rays, and the four passengers make a rough but non-fatal crash, landing back on earth to discover they have been given fantastic powers OR the two hosts and one person of their choice go back to the 1980s and join forces with Ric Flair to ride in limousines, fly in jets and put hard times on Dusty Rhodes?" Chad Waggo FF FF 511
"The CEO of Disney, BBI, has made you an offer you can't refuse, and purchased War Rocket Ajax. He's a big fan of the show but can't resist a little executive meddling. He's come up with a few ideas on how to increase the ratings and gives you an ultimatum: you either have Meatwad and Neil in the Kitchen become permanent co-chairs of the show, OR or you introduce a new monthly recurring special that is a retrospective of the comics career of Geoff Johns – Geoff calls in for an interview on the comic at the end of every episode." Owen Hobbes Skyping with Geoff Meatwad's a story, innit? 514
"What strip should Olivia Jaimes take over next: Family Circus OR Crankshaft?" Harry Family Circus Family Circus 516
"BBI the CEO of Disney has been talking to his old uncle who loves Fox News, Wally Worst Ideas, and he’s got some stuff to run by you: You get to do a company-wide retcon and do whatever you want, but Steve Rogers must be erased from existence and replaced with Johnny Walker, the US Agent, OR you get an anything-goes run on your favorite superhero comic, as longs as in every issue, someone’s dialogue is the title of a pro-Trump subreddit post." Josh Sinnison John Walker John Walker 518
"Pope Francis gets hired to write Daredevil OR Pope Francis gets hired to write Spider-Man?" Lou Shoemaker Daredevil Daredevil 518
"In both of these scenarios, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee live until 2020: Stan and Jack make up and being doing collaborations again; they both show up in the 1990s Marvel movies, but the whole MCU doesn’t take off because Stan doesn’t really push Hollywood stuff through and we get an amalgam of Just Imagine: Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe and Jack Kirby’s Secret City Saga combined into one 12-issue Image series, but it is rather lackluster and only lasts until issue 5. We get a Fantastic Four 50th Anniversary issue where Stan draws and Kirby scripts, but it’s only about 5 pages before other artists and writers take over. Stan and Jack have buried the hatchet and die happier men because of it, but both end up becoming lost in the boom and bust of the comics field and are pretty much forgotten by today’s comics readers. OR Stan and Jack have a more contentious relationship, but you get Jack Kirby’s New Gods which is an amazing Grant Morrison collaboration that is what the Hunger Dogs would have been if they let him do the original concept the way he wanted. Stan Lee dives into Marvel yet again and you get an amazing one-year run on Spider-Man that explores Peter Parker as a guy who grew up in the 60s facing today, but also revealing the demons in his past that are very much metaphors for Stan Lee’s demons. Both Lee and Kirby are rivals on the New York Times Bestsellers list, Stan Lee gets cameos in the Marvel movies, Jack Kirby gets cameos in DCU movies, they both come on War Rocket Ajax to resolve their disagreement and you both get some real talk to Kirby and Lee in-depth about comics before the interview breaks down and they end up having a huge argument. Jack and Stan are bitter enemies until the end, but the comics industry is more robust and contentious than it ever was before." Gary Ancheta Happy Stan and Jack Happy Stan and Jack 518
"Codename Sailor V continues as a solo series and we never get Sailor Moon OR Spider-Man makes his debut as a member of the Avengers and since then only appears in team books." Michael Nicolai Sailor Who? Sailor Who? 518
"BBI discovers that the Malibu Ultraverse comics were fucking awesome and integrates them into the Marvel Universe making the ratio of comics coming out 75% Ultraverse heroes and 25% Marvel heroes, with occasional Ultraverse team-ups OR BBI realizes that the Marvel Comics 2 Universe was fucking awesome and decides to have Marvel comics heavily controlled to progress towards the MC2 Universe where the heroes have kids, grow old and are replaced by Spider-Girl, J2 and the Wild Thing." CJ Crall MC2 MC2 518
"Chris Claremont keeps writing the X-Men through the 90s and leaves on his own terms in 2000 when he hands over to the successor of his choice OR Chris Claremont stops writing X-Men in 1986, post-Mutant Massacre, and takes over Fantastic Four with Alan Davis as artist, Louise Simonson takes over X-Men." Allistair Pitt Louise X Louise X 518
"BBI makes it a mandate for Frank Castle to fight a large predator in every creative team’s Punisher run, regardless of tone or coherence in the narrative, OR his sister, DC DEO Betty Bad Ideas, makes roaming large predators as ubiquitous as bank robbers in all of DC’s books.” Charles Arthur Betty Bobby 518
"BBI has taken the modern media landscape by storm. In order to compete with the BBI-powered Disney, AT&T has decided to hire Terry with the Terrible Takes to lead them into this new age through a combination of science, black magic and loads of money, TTT plans to change the way that DC works so that they can compete with Disney. He plans to make his mark on the company by either: TTT hates Grant Morrison’s works in the DC Universe so much that he goes to AT&T’s advanced science division to have them build a time machine so that TTT can prevent all of the comics that Morrison did for DC, OR TTT loves golden age Batman stories but lacks the understanding of what made them worth reading, so TTT goes back to AT&T’s black magic division and has them bring Bob Kane back to live so that Kane can be the sole writer of Batman for the foreseeable future.” John Wickham So long Grant! Hello Bob! 518
"You’ve been given a chance to start a new title for one of the big publishers by an executive who will remain nameless because he’s been forced into an involuntary leave of absence due to his long record of poor decision-making. Your title is overlooked so it doesn’t get canceled, but the conditions of the contract are still in place. The title of the comic has to be ‘Smash or Pass’ but it can be about literally anything, OR the title can be ‘Smash and Grab’ but has to be a reverse Robin Hood who steals from the poor and gives to the rich?" Rocket Wetzel Pass on Grab Pass on Grab 518
"Mark Millar takes over Marvel. Pros: the art has never been better, Marvel only has the best artists. Cons: the whole creative direction, progress takes some steps backwards, there’s lots of toxic masculinity, infantile jokes, and over-the-top violence and he cancels a ton of titles and replaces them with beautiful-looking dum ones. OR Frank Miller takes over DC. Pros: he brings a lot of characters back to their roots and it attracts some new talent, and naturally ninjas are in every DC title. Cons: the entire creative direction, it’s Frank the Tank and a lot of the titles become slightly sexist and angry, although editorial keeps a check on the racism." David Jakoi Frank at DC Frank at DC 518
"Would you rather be Matt Murdock OR Peter Parker for a year?" David Barber Peter Peter 518
"BBI is getting angry that the Ajax boys are dunking on him so hard and decides to take on WRA and his nemesis from Danny Dropped-Calls from AT&T/Warner Bros. at the same time. BBI shoots his disneyfication-ray and it hits DDC’s IP reflection/Warner Bros. shield and one highly stylized splash page later, Chris and Matt and all the assorted loved ones, friends and pets they choose to be with them at the time are cast into an animated universe. You will be changed to fit seamlessly into the universe as needed and have a comfortable life, however you have to choose a city to settle in: Duckburg Calisota OR Crystal Cove California. If you choose Duckburg, you are allowed to travel around with the Tailspin crew from nearby Cape Suzette, but your home is Duckburg. If you choose Crystal Cove, you can live out of a van and travel if you want, and even join the Wacky Races, but you must only have a home in Crystal Cove.” SoSoTsundere Crystal Cove Duckburg 518
"Would you prefer to live in a world where Jack Kirby as Peak Kirby had a defining hand in 1953 DC instead of Otto Binder OR Otto Binder as Peak Binder had a defining hand in 1961 Marvel Comics?” Jeffrey Klein Peaky Binders Peaky Binders 520
"Gary Good Ideas has been hired as the head of DC Comics, and his first mission is to increase the diversity of their comics line. Would you prefer: Bruce Wayne fucks off on vacation for ten years and William Great Eagle AKA Man of Bats from Grant Morrison’s Batman run becomes the central character in all Batman titles OR Superman fucks off to live in the sun for ten years, and Calvin Ellis AKA President Superman becomes the central character in all Superman titles OR all the various Flash characters are gay now.” Lou Shoemaker The Speed of Gay The Speed of Gay 523
"The In-Betweener is giving you two options: in one world, Identity Crisis and its progeny are erased from existence and DC does not learn the wrong lessons from its success, but at the end of the JMS run on Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel hires Mark Millar to take over as writer giving him total creative control to bring that Wanted/American Jesus style, Miller is the only writer of the only Spiderman title from what would be the beginning of Brand New Day to the end of the Slott run OR the Morrison, Waid and Millar Superman 2000 pitch is printed, culminating in Morrison's Hypercrisis story, however to balance that out, DC reboots its continuity in 2011, but instead of Flashpoint, they use the already mysteriously completed, but never previously published scripts of Twilight of the Super-Heroes, the tone and characterization of that story carry through to the rebooted continuity, including its take on Captain Marvel?" Steve Hypercrisis Hypercrisis [530]
"I hear you boys enjoy vanilla ice cream. In this scenario, you will only ever eat one style of vanilla ice cream going forward - assuming it's your favorite brand which will you choose: French Vanilla OR Vanilla Bean OR Old Fashioned Vanilla, mind you there is no such thing as plain vanilla. " Rocket Wetzel Bean-Town Bean-Town [530]
"Barbecue is widely available via multiple restaurants that are everywhere, quality is okay and usually pretty good, but rarely great OR barbecue is uncommon and restaurants are few and far between - think under an I-70 overpass a couple miles out of town or a shack in a strip club parking lot in a bad part of town, but the quality is great, it's the best you've ever had?" Rocket Wetzel Rare & Great Rare & Great [530]
"Mark Gruenwald leaves Marvel Comics at the beginning of 1985 to cross the street and spend the rest of his career at the Distinguished Competition. A lot of the ideas we might recognize from our universe were reworked into a seminal Justice League maxi-series, a long run on Batman and a near complete reinvention of Green Lantern, but his work on Squadron Supreme, Captain America, Quasar, and most tragically, Combo Man never happens OR Bob Haney joins the staff of Atlas Comics in 1958, and by 1961 is one of the foundational figures of the new Marvel Comics along with Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Steve Ditko. A lot of the ideas we might recognize from our universe were reworked into stories about the Hulk, Sgt. Fury, and a long run on Marvel Two-in-One, but his work on Metamorpho, Sgt. Rock, Teen Titans, and most tragically B'wana Beast never happens." Thomas Foss Make Mine Gruenwald Make Mine Gruenwald [530]
"You guys have to watch every episode of and either right articles or record podcasts review one of the three original NickToon shows: 'Rugrats' (172 episodes) OR 'Doug' (52 or 117 if you count 'Disney's Doug') OR 'Ren and Stimpy' (52 episodes, but you also have to talk about John K.)?" Allistair Pitt Doug-cast Doug-cast [530]
"Aquaman with a mullet and hook OR Aquaman with a chip on his shoulder from how he was portrayed in Super Friends " Xavier Files Mullet/Hook Mullet/Hook [530]
"Eat a seven course meal made by Marvel's Mr. Sinister OR DC's Riddler? " Jason LeDoux Sinister Seven Sinister Seven [530]
"Miles Morales permanently replaces Peter Paker OR Superboy permanently replaces Superman in 1993?" Ann Alias Miles Miles [530]
"Marvel never publishes any licensed comics and all of the licensed comics that they have published in the past are lost to time or never existed in any form, for example Larry Hama doesn't write G.I. Joe for DC, there are just no comics ever for G.I. Joe, Rom, Transformers, Star Wars, etc. OR all licensed Marvel Comics published in the past take place in Earth-616 from the get-go and the licenses never expire, so licensed books like Rom, Micronauts, NFL Super Pro are joined by books like G.I. Joe, Transformers, Star Wars, ABC's Castle, etc. on Earth-616 forever." Josh Golden 616 Castle 616 Castle [530]
"Do you want a remake of Smokey & the Bandit with Laura Dern and Tessa Thompson in the title roles OR a remake of the A-Team starring the WWE's Four Horsewomen?" Alexandria Seale A-Team A-Team [530]
"Bobby Bad Ideas has acquired SkyMall and to maximize corporate synergy, SkyMall products all become themed around Marvel superheroes. This is an enormous success to the degree that by the end of Bobby Bad Ideas' tenure as CEO characters like Spider-Man and Captain America are primarily associated with back massagers, magnetic bracelets and laptop beverage holders in the public mind OR Bobby Bad Ideas has acquired SkyMall and to maximize corporate synergy, he demands that SkyMall themed superheroes be introduced into the Marvel Universe. These characters are given editorial priority with events centering on them for several years and major writers and artists working on them while established characters are relegated to low-level titles or mini-series if they appear at all. This tactic fails to drive profits and is abandoned after 5-10 years." Tim Maitom Spider-massager Spider-massager [530]