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In this segment, Matt & Chris take suggestions from listeners of the rawest moments in comics, and, if they are sufficiently raw, place them on a list. What do they mean by Raw? Chris explains:

"Folks, what we are doing with this is we are looking for the rawest moments in comic book history. Now, if you don't know what that means, it's one of those things that's hard to describe because it's a feeling, And it's that feeling, it's that 'oh shit,' like it just got real, it just popped off. Shit is like someone just did something so badass that I need to stand up, take a walk, maybe do a push up or two."

That seems pretty clear, right? If you want to submit your suggestion, send it to, and if you are a Patreon subscriber, include the line-stepper password.

The List

Episode Issue Description Submitter
626 Thor #362 Skurge the Executioner standing alone at Gjallerbru Patrick Gertner
623 Batman #404 Jim Gordon throws Flass the baseball bat Chris
626 Thor #344 When Balder picks up a sword again Lucas Brown
623 Secret Wars: Siege #4 Thanos asks Ben Grimm what time it is Harry J.
626 Mister Miracle #11 (2017) Mister Miracle stabbing Darkseid in the face with a Fahren-knife made from Orion’s corpse Chris Kizer
623 Marauders #16 Lockheed bites out Sebastian Shaw’s Eye Charles Arthur
623 Police Comics #21 Phantom Lady throws fencing sword through a man Jolene
623 Daredevil #25 (2011) Ikari says “Try the red one.” Seth Finklestein
623 Avengers Vol. 3 #22 Thor says “Ultron, we would have words with thee.” Josh Sinason

Disqualified for Inadequate Rawness

Merely to prevent duplicate submissions, or encourage controversy in the fanbase:

  • Gunfire turns a locomotive into a cannon to shoot a kaiju
  • The time Curt Conners ate that boy?
  • Magneto rips Apocalypse apart in X-Men Omega