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Addresses between 123 and 315 are unknown, addresses from 317 to 569 are Internet Cafes.

Address Location
1-68 [unspecified]
69 Chris's childhood home
70-122 [unspecified]
123 Shawn Waltman’s House
124-315 [unspecified]
316 Hell Yeah Construction Company
317-419 Internet Cafe
420 Matt's childhood home that is now an Internet Cafe
412-569 Internet Cafe
570 Furnace Repair Shop
571 Internet Cafe
572 Internet Cafe
573 HVAC Place
574 Internet Cafe that moves through space and time
575 Internet Cafe
576 Internet Cafe
577 Internet Cafe
578 Internet Cafe
579 Internet Cafe
580 Internet Cafe
581 Internet Cafe
582 Internet Cafe
583 Internet Cafe
584 Internet Cafe
585 Internet Cafe
586 Internet Cafe
587 Internet Cafe
588 Public Library
589 Tire Place
590 Dairy Queen
591 Walk-in Clinic
592 Spirit Halloween
593 Gimmick Street Park
594 Roller Bladery
595 Gimmick Street Park
596 Post Office
597 Krispy Kreme
598 A Different Walk-In Clinic with COVID Testing
599 McDonald’s
600 [unspecified]
601 The Gimmick Street Bridge (Where Phil Collins saw that guy who saw that guy drown)
602 The Gimmick Street Bridge
603 The Gimmick Street Bridge
604 The Gimmick Street Bridge
605 The Gimmick Street Bridge
606 The Gimmick Street Bridge
607 The Gimmick Street Bridge
608 The Gimmick Street Bridge
609 The Gimmick Street Bridge
610 Internet Cafe
611 Internet Cafe Annex
612 A Haunted House
613 The Creepy Dracula Castle that Chris inherited.
614 Convenience Store
615 Hedge Maze
616 616 Gimmick Comic Book Shop
617 [unspecified]
618 [unspecified]
619 Ray Mysterio’s House
620 The Fireworks Stand
621 Kevin Nash’s House
622 Kevin Nash’s Magic Mike Diesel Truck Stop
623 Scott Hall’s Estate
624 Ramon’s Razers
625 Shawn Michael’s House
626 Carmax and a historical marker for Matt’s two Mazda 626s
627 Justin Credible’s House
628 Arby’s
629 Dominik Mysterio’s House
630 Toy Store
631 Adult Toy Store
632 Castle Frankenstein
633 Your local polling place
634 Your local election commission
635 A mailbox? Maybe a post office?
636 An undefined void that might be a portal to Patreon or The Lost Woods
637 The Great Deku Tree
638 The place where a mailbox used to be
639 The birthday cake bakery
640 Chuck E. Cheese - converted to the Gimmick Street AMC Regal Cinemark Multiplex 123 (Now playing: The Flash)
641 The end of the road... for Greunies. (Unofficial)
642 One-Hour Photo to get cherished memories that you can keep for a lifetime
643 Pie Shop from Pushing Daisies
644 Ajax Local 1, the War Rocket Ajax Employees Union
645 T-shirt Printing Place
646 The dispensary
647 Water
648 Water
649 The Island where Master Roshi lives
650 A costume shop
651 It’s gotta be Kane/Cain/Caine/Kayne/Cane
652 Bojangles
653 The Apple Store
654 Panera Bread
655 Spirit Halloween
656 Candy Shop (by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson off the critically acclaimed 2005 sophomore album The Massacre)
657 Spooky Haunted Mansion (in the Haunted Mansion district)
658 GhostBusters™ Headquarters
659 A Disney Store
660 A butcher shop with a turkey as big as Chris
661 A year-round petting zoo with reindeer, but for adults only, but not in a sexual way?
662 The Blockbuster where you can rent Blue Streak, and other movies that Chris and Matt rented as kids.
663 Mount Premise
664 Flash Gordon Memorial Auditorium
665 The ticket booth for the Devil's Tramping Ground
666 The Devil's Tramping Ground
667 Gimmick Street Full Gospel Assembly Independent Non-Denominational Mega-church
668 The Money-changers
669 The Mattress Store that used to be a Hardee's (but really, truly, canonically: the porn store, as god intended)
670 The Public Showers
671 The New Hardee's
672 The Greensboro Coliseum
673 Stamey's Barbecue
674 The Dallas Sportatorium
675 A Headshop
676 A Doctor's Office
677 The Only Rachos Pet Store that only sells Tarantulas
678 The Canadian Consulate
679 The Nearly-forgotten Gimmick Street Nuclear Power Plant
680 The Day Care for Gimmick Stree Nuclear Power Plant Employees that used to be a "This is not a place of honor" that has an exact replica of the fucked-up playground from Final Fantasy VII/T2: Judgment Day
681 The Vitamin Store
682 The GNC where you get the supplements to bulk up after the irradiated tarantula bites you