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Hi! I'm the guy who runs this web server and got this started. I don't make a dime from the site, but I also pay very little for it, so that seems fair. There are Amazon links on a bunch of the books on the Every Story Ever list and a script that turns them into affiliate links for Matt and Chris, so by contributing to the site, you might be putting money in their pockets. If you have any problems creating an account or logging in, please email me.

I'm a web developer and a comics fan. My main personal project at the moment is obsessively tracking my pull list for gender inclusion. For more information, check out Pull List Gender Diversity and let me know what you think!

I've built a bunch of other personal sites that are half joking, half serious:

I work for Fastspot where I've built the back-end for a bunch of websites for colleges, universities, cultural institutions and the occasional commercial enterprise. Our company works mostly with BigTree but I also work on Drupal a fair bit. Here are a few sites I built:

My now-ancient blog is at and you can follow me on the bad website.