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In this segment, Matt & Chris take suggestions from listeners of the rawest moments in comics, and, if they are sufficiently raw, place them on a list. What do they mean by Raw? Chris explains:

"Folks, what we are doing with this is we are looking for the rawest moments in comic book history. Now, if you don't know what that means, it's one of those things that's hard to describe because it's a feeling, And it's that feeling, it's that 'oh shit,' like it just got real, it just popped off. Shit is like someone just did something so badass that I need to stand up, take a walk, maybe do a push up or two."

That seems pretty clear, right? If you want to submit your suggestion, send it to, and if you are a Patreon subscriber, include the line-stepper password. To edit this page, refer to the Google Sheet.

The List

Episode Description Issue Creators Submitter
626 Skurge stands alone at Gjallerbru Thor #362 Walt Simonson Patrick Gertner
623 Gordon gives Flass the Baseball Bat Batman #404 Frank Miller, Dave Mazzucchelli Chris (Started at #1)
640 Magneto puts the Red Skull in a fuckin' hole Captain America (1963) #367 Mark Gruenwald, Kieron Dwyer Philip Monroe
649 You better fight like hell. Preacher #64 Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon Brad Ellison
626 Balder takes up the sword (and confronts Loki) Thor #344 Walt Simonson Lucas Brown
631 Captain UK annihilates the Fury Mighty World of Marvel #12 Alan Moore, Alan Davis Kevin Maroney
640 Spider-Man lifts a heavy thing, escapes Doc Ock's underwater base Amazing Spider-Man (1963) Stan Lee, Steve Ditko Scott Hazelwood
649 Cobra Sun and Lona Steelrose hit the Steel Sunrise on God and make Him bleed. Do a Powerbomb #7 Daniel Warren Johnson Stephen Wilcox
623 Thanos asks Ben Grimm what time it is. Siege (2015) #4 Kieron Gillen, Felipe Andrade Harry J.
637 Cobra Sun pulls out the plunder. Do a Powerbomb #4 Daniel Warren Johnson David LaRoss
626 Mr. Miracle stabs Darkseid to death with a knife made of god blood. Mister Miracle #12 Tom King, Mitch Gerads Chris Kizer
631 Batman vs. Prometheus, Round 2 JLA (1997) #38 Grant Morrison, Howard Porter Tim Stevens
649 Ghost Rider beats the Deacon to death with the Bible Ghost Rider #25 Jason Aaron, Tan Eng Huat Ryan Clark
637 Batman to Martians: "Ready when you are." JLA (1997) #3 Grant Morrison, Howard Porter Patrick O'Duffy
640 Ghost Rider rides Thor's hammer and kicks him in the face with his motorcycle Avengers (1963) #214 Jim Shooter, Bob Hall David Wood
623 Lockheed rips out Sebastian Shaw's fucking eye and spits it in a fire Marauders #16 Gerry Dugan, Stefano Caselli Charles Arthur
644 Sparky the Good Dog drives a car into a cop Dead of Winter #4 Kyle Starks, Gabo Bautista Philip Neff
637 Jetman tells Smax "Break her fucking neck, son." Top Ten #10 Alan Moore, Gene Ha, Zander Cannon Tim Maytom
631 Daredevil declares himself Kingpin Daredevil (1998) #50 Brian Bendis, Alex Maleev Ryan Clark
637 Moon Knight makes sure Man-Mountain Marko won't see his daughter. Devil's Reign: Moon Knight Jed MacKay, Frederico Sabbatini Martin
644 THE "GLORY BOAT!!" New Gods #6 Jack Kirby Nick Whalen
623 Phantom Lady throws a fencing sword through a man. Police Comics #21 Frank Borth Jolene
637 Luffy gives Nami his hat, goes to fight Arlong One Piece Ch. 81 Eiichiro Oda Robert Headley
637 Professor X puts Sabretooth in a hole. House of X #6 Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz Ryan Clark
644 Catwoman whips Prometheus right in the beanbag JLA #17 Grant Morrison, Arnie Jorgensen Jolene
644 Captain America grows to kaiju size to fight Kang, who is a miserable little jacked-up tin Hitler Avengers (1998) #52 Kurt Busiek, Ivan Reis, Kieron Dwyer Andrew Goldberg
623 Ikari tells Daredevil "Try the Red One." Daredevil (2011) #25 Mark Waid, Chris Samnee Seth Finklestein
623 The Avengers have words with Ultron. Avengers (1998) #23 Kurt Busiek, George Perez Josh Sinason
631 Aztek sacrifices himself to blow up Mageddon JLA (1997) #41 Grant Morrison, Howard Porter Lou Shoemaker
649 EARTH TO INVADERS: DROP DEAD! Invasion! #1 Keith Giffen, Bill Mantlo, Todd McFarlane Daniel Sylvester
644 Hulk throws Blade (who cannot turn into a bat) up in the air Immortal Hulk #47 Al Ewing, Joe Bennett Michael Haida

Disqualified for Inadequate Rawness

Merely to prevent duplicate submissions, or encourage controversy in the fanbase:

  • Gunfire turns a locomotive into a cannon to shoot a kaiju
  • The time Curt Conners ate that boy?
  • Magneto rips Apocalypse apart in X-Men Omega
  • The time the Thing was "too stupid… and ugly… ta know when to quit!" (specifically to the Champion)
  • When Magneo was gloating that "the dream is over"
  • Anything from Promethea