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Name Notes Status
Patreon Thanks WRA Patreon launched December 2014 Current
Earth Shattering News Evolved into Check and Recs Past
Checks and Recs What's happening in the hosts lives, what they recommend Current
The Hundo Club As a reward from 2011's Pledge Drive, people who donated could be a third-chair co-host Past
MMA Update After complaining that MMA is boring, Chris started training MMA and gave updates on the gym and Dojo Past
Health Situation Past
Comics Reviews Current
A LootCrate Ad Podcast sponsor reads Past
Interview See Guests Current
Comics Roundtable As part of WRA becoming the official podcast of ComicsAlliance, members of the CA talk about current events in comics Past
Twitter Questions Current
Listener Questions Current
Big Ups To All My Haters Past
Making Fun of a Swimsuit Issue Past
Tales From the Comic Shop Chris relates stories from working in a comic shop Past
What's Pissing Us Off This Week Past
Love Haters Past
Letters From Thrasher Chris presents a dramatic reading from the letter pages of Thrasher Magazine Past
Every Story Ever Ranking every comic story from best to worst Moved to special episodes
Word Heavyweight Champion Ranking the top 100 comic book quotes Past
Panel President Ranking the best comic book characters Past
This or That The hosts choose between 2 (or more) listener-submitted alternatives Past
Great Indoor Fight Listeners submit a single character and the hosts pair up submissions and decide who would win a fight. Current
FalChris and the Wilson Soldier Aka "The Great Gruenwald Re-Read": Chris and Matt re-read the entire 137+ issue run of Captain America written by Mark Gruenwald. Replaces the Interview and post-interview segments once a month. Current
Battle of the Decades Listeners submit two characters, products, teams, publishers, themes, etc. and Matt and Chris decide who "won" each decade. Past
Chat Central Goth-heads Matt and Chris talk about what the've been up to when they aren't watching Gotham, which they do all the time. Neighborhood Watch 600
Previously on Neighborhood Watch Matt goes through the entire "Previously on Gotham" segment and explains everything that happened because he's seen every episode. Neighborhood Watch 600
Show Info The Goth-heads fill in the Cybergoths on the writers and directors of each episode. Neighborhood Watch 600
Grading Gotham Ratings for every episode are ranked from F to A to S to G. So far every episode has been ranked an increasingly higher G+. Neighborhood Watch 600
Every Dracula Ever Chris, Benito and Elle Collins must rank every Dracula across every medium. 613
Thursday Night Raw The boys rank the rawest moments in comics. Current

Note: All segments up to This or That, regardless of status, appear in Episode 500.