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This or That is the after-interview [[Segments|segment]] for 2020. Listeners can submit questions to [[Matt D. Wilson|Matt]] and [[Chris Sims|Chris]] via [mailto:warrockettpod@gmail.com email] or [https://warrocketpodcast.tumblr.com Tumblr].
== Questions ==
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This or That is the after-interview segment for 2020. Listeners can submit questions to Matt and Chris via email or Tumblr.


Question Asker Chris's Answer Matt's Answer Episode
"Would you rather be a member of the Yancy Street Gang or the Newsboy Legion? Seth Finkelstein Newsboy Legion Yancy Street Gang 482
"Which creative team would you choose for a Catwoman book: written by Darwyn Cooke with art by Jim Balent or, written by Frank Miller with art by Darwyn Cooke?" Joey Crack Darwyn Cooke/Jim Balent Darwyn Cooke/Jim Balent 484
"Which villain would make for a better dungeon Master, Arcade or Doctor Doom?" Harry Jay Arcade Arcade 486
"When the MCU finally incorporates the X-Men into the franchise, what would you prefer they do with Magneto: should he still be a Holocaust survivor and deal with any confusing timeline issues, or should his backstory be updated to a different example of human injustice and genocide at the potential expense of his Jewish ancestry?" Patrick Gierdner Original backstory Original backstory 488
"Amulet of Right or Sword of Might?" King of Doma Sword Amulet 491
"Marvel Studios starts producing movies that are as buck-wild and weird as their best comics, but this bold new vision is rejected by mass audiences and the studio collapses after two years so they only make 5-6 great weird movies, or DC starts making movies that are as good Marvel Studios movies so we finally get a good Superman movie, but also there are just things that bug you, like whatever the DC equivalent is of Marvel centering Spider-man movies around Tony Stark would be?" Lou Shoemaker Good DC movies Good DC movies 494
"Sitting through all of the MCU movies in one go, or sit through a 3-hour pitch meeting for a movie about the Sentry that you are not allowed to chime in on?" Peter Velles MCU Movies MCU Movies 496
"One hundred years from now one of the things everybody knows about Superman is that he's married to Lois Lane, or one hundred years from now one of the things that everybody knows about Spider-man is that he's married to Marry Jane Watson?" Jeffrey Wickstrom Superman/Lois Superman/Lois 496
"Be a sidekick for morning zoo crew or be a field reporter for a Christian news channel?" CJ Crall Zoo Crew Zoo Crew 496
"You can either walk without a rhythm or attract the worm?" Kevin J. Maroney Worm Rhythm 496
"Either have Eric Powell draw Hellboy or Mike Mignola draw the Goon?" Michael Nicolai Goon Goon 496
"Get rid of guys with Punisher tattoos or guys with Thor tattoos?" Brad Boyer Punisher Punisher 496
"Would you rather have more stories with Dick Grayson as Batman or Dick Grayson as Agent 37 of Spyral?" Chris Kaiser Agent 37 Batman 496
"Creature Commanders movie by Guillermo del Toro or a Legion of Monsters movie by Guillermo del Toro?"" Brendan Casey Legion Legion 496
"Which would you keep: the JJ Abrams Star Trek Movie trilogy, or the Star Wars sequel trilogy?" Alistair Star Wars Star Wars 496
"Live in Marvel's New York during War of the Realms, or live in DC's Gotham City during No Man's Land?" Jason Ladew New York New York 496
"The world we currently live in, or a world where Identity Crisis and its negative impact don't exist, but also All-Star Superman doesn't exist?" Josiah Lockley No Identity Crisis Current World 496
"Jack Kirby and Stan Lee switch dates of death, or Jack Kirby and Stan Lee switch personalities and career paths, but not dates of death or creative roles?" Greg Black Switch Death Dates Switch Death Dates 496
"Who do you appoint as the ongoing writer of Legion of Super-Heroes with a guaranteed 5-year run: Al Ewing or James Roberts" Patrick O'Duffy Ewing Pass 496
"Shazam and Captain Marvel get to share the codename, or Carol Danvers gets a new codename and Shazam gets Captain Marvel back?" Charles Arthur Share Share 498
"Intern for Lt. Columbo, Jim Rockford or Jessica Fletcher?" Alistair Columbo Columbo 500