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Landmark Episodes

Holiday Specials

The Flash Gordon Memorial Awards

Matt and Chris ring in the new year every January with an awards show in which listeners send in the "Cat-e-Gordies" and they pick the winners. At the end of each episode, they pick an Intercontinental champion, and have stated that they "cannot pick more than one person" and that winners cannot repeat from year to year, except that they have and they do.

Title Date Intercontinental Champions
The 75th Annual Flash Gordon Memorial Awards Jan 9, 2012 Mark Waid/"Macho Man" Randy Savage
The 138th Annual Flash Gordon Awards Jan 7, 2013 Allison Baker
The 2013 Gordie Awards Jan 13, 2014 Allison Baker/Chip Zdarsky/Jeff Parker
The 2015th Annual Gordie Awards Jan 12, 2015 Mark Doyle
The 5th Annual Gordie Awards Jan 11, 2016 Chip Zdarsky
The 69,420th Annual Gordie Awards Jan 9, 2017 Kyle Starks
The Play Buttonth Annual Gordie Awards Jan 8, 2018 Kelly Thompson
GORDIES Jan 14, 2019 Tini Howard
GORDIES X-7 Jan 13, 2020 Al Ewing
X of Gords Jan 11, 2021 James Tynion IV
Gordies on Infinite Earths Jan 17, 2022 Jed MacKay/All Dogs

Infamous Episodes


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